Five most common reasons why customers call Instabill

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Working in the customer service department, I’m on the phone all day long. Customers contact us and ask a variety of questions about charges on their credit card statements and the merchants they buy from. Here is my list of the top five most common reasons why customers call Instabill customer service.

1. They don’t recognize a charge on their credit card statement.

I look up the credit card transaction on our payment gateway and tell the customer who the merchant is. If they still don’t recognize the charge, I send the merchant an email with instructions to resolve to the customer’s satisfaction. If need be, I will refund to avoid chargebacks.

2. They haven’t yet received the product they purchased.

I will email the merchant (and CC the customer) the tracking information and tell them to contact the customer. I tell the customer to contact us again if the merchant doesn’t respond. When this happens, I contact the merchant again, giving them a deadline to resolve, or I will refund the customer to avoid an unnecessary chargeback.

3. They lost the name of a merchant they placed an order with in the past.

I look up the merchant in my computer system and will either give the customer the website or email the merchant, telling them to contact the customer.

4. They don’t know why they were charged an international transaction fee on their credit card statement.

I explain to the customer that this is a bank fee charged by some issuing banks.

5. They didn’t receive the product they ordered, or it was damaged in shipping.

When this happens, I contact the merchant and ask them to call the cardholder so they can resolve this issue to the cardholder’s satisfaction.

Instabill has been doing business since 2001, and we have a BBB A+ rating. What’s the secret of our success? Customer service! When you work with Instabill, you know you’re getting the very best in knowledgeable, proactive customer service. We stay on top of inquiries from credit card customers so our merchants can reduce chargebacks and keep their processing running smoothly!

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