• Patience Pays Off for Global Merchant Services

    global merchant services

    In the global merchant services industry, Instabill works with a wide range of different people and industries and it often requires patience. One of the hardest parts as a global merchant services account manager is to understand and deliver what each individual business owner is looking for when it comes to credit card processing, particularly […]

  • Global Payments HSBC Stops Accepting High Risk

    global payments hsbc

    Global Payments HSBC announced it will no longer process credit card transactions for online pharmacy, travel and debt collection merchants. Recently, Global Payments HSBC notified online pharmacy and travel merchants in Canada that they will need to find a new acquiring banking solution. Additionally, it delivered the same news to its U.S. debt collections merchants. […]

  • Instabill Introduces Grant Assistance Merchant Accounts

    grant assistance merchant account

    Some credit card processors cringe when they hear the words grant assistance merchant account, but not us here at Instabill. The grant assistance industry has sprung up to help befuddled consumers navigate their way through the confusing maze of government grants available to those who qualify. Using a third party to help with the grant […]

  • NMI: A Better Shopping Cart Integration for Merchant Services


    As a merchant offering online credit card processing, the security of your customer data is of the utmost importance. However, in the modern age of online processing, there is so much pressure from the card issuers to comply with PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) that it can become a job unto itself to […]

  • How Should PSPs Deal With Operation Choke Point

    operation choke point

    There were a plethora of urgent issues discussed at the Electronic Transactions Association (ETA) Transact 14 Conference in Las Vegas last week: Fraud, EMV and mobile payments among them. But a worthy topic which drew a full lecture room and lively discussion Thursday morning was the session entitled Understanding Operation Choke Point: The New Compliance […]

  • EMV Chip Technology: Solution or Band Aid on A Gaping Wound?

    Credit cards close up

    Believed to be the supposed answer to stopping credit card fraud, EMV chip technology certainly has it’s share of critics which was evident Wednesday at Transact 14 in Las Vegas. The hot point issue was discussed in several seminars on Wednesday and Thursday. Several Issues to Be Determined In Wednesday’s first seminar, entitled ‘Target Aftermath: […]

  • Remote Technical Support Solutions at Instabill

    remote technical support

    Remote technical support is a relatively new industry over the last 10 years that has become widely popular in the country of India. It is a highly profitable business model with very limited overhead, and therefore, merchants can enter the market with ease. Remote Technical Support Merchants Find Payment Problems It is difficult for a […]

  • Instabill Reviews of the First Quarter: Off to Another Benchmark Year

    instabill reviews

    Fresh off a flourishing year in 2013, Instabill reviews of the first quarter indicate 2014 will be another benchmark year. Instabill Founder and CEO Jason Field virtually doubled the Instabill sales staff and added additional positions in IT, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and the Instabill Partner Program. Within the first week of the 2014 calendar […]

  • My Trip Across Europe and a Lesson on Hidden Fees

    hidden fees

    When I had the opportunity to spend a few months traveling around Europe last year, I wasn’t concerned about getting penalized with hidden fees. There is an airline operating out of Ireland called RyanAir, which offers flights for as low as $15! Crazy, right? I booked my flight from Salzburg, Austria to Dublin for the […]

  • Instabill Employees Show Skills in Mid-Day Bowling Outing

    instabill employees

    Instabill CEO Jason Field does not need to worry about losing any Instabill employees to the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) Tour. The Tuesday, Apr. 1 mid-day outing to the Bowl-o-Rama Family Fun Center in Portsmouth, N.H., was as much a reward as it was a break in the action for Instabill employees, who recently wrapped […]